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COS Pithos Bianco 2013


Available to the trade through Caves de Pyrene.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of orange wine (the good stuff tho).

This is a brilliantly made one. The tannins are very well integrated, and aromas are delicate. It’s vinified in amphorae, as with many other orange wines, and this particular wine really is very reminiscent of sunny Sicily.

NB: why is it orange? Orange wine is orange due to its prolonged time spent with the grape skins (in this case – a while seven months in amphora with its skins). In a way, it is white wine produced in the style of making red wine. 

Herby, spiced, orange-peel nose with delicate floral aromas. Textured and supple, the palate is fresh, spicy and slightly saline on the finish. 

About the wine:

Grape: 100% Greciano (NB: this is DNA identical to Garganega according to Jancis.)


Seven months ageing in amphorae (large terracotta pots, that mean the wine avoids oak flavour and can breathe more). 

Amphorae, photo credit

About COS, the winery:

Azienda Agricola COS was founded by Giambattista (Titta) Cilia, Giusto Occhipinti and Cirino (Rino) Strano – hence the acronym COS. Three friends who wanted to recreate the work of their ancestors.

They became the younest winemakers in Italy in 1980 when they bought the winery. Their first harvest comprised of just 1470 bottles. Rino went into medicine and so sold his shares to his sister, Giuseppina. They bought further vineyards.

Today, it is just Titta and Giusto.

The estate became biodynamic, to express terroir, and the true craft of winemaking.

PITHOS was born  in 2000, when the duo began working with the amphorae.