In Beaujolais, May 2016. Taken by Jamie Goode

In Beaujolais, May 2016. Taken by Jamie Goode


I'm Christina Rasmussen.

I am a wine journalist, wine trade and consumer PR expert, wine consultant and photographer. 

I'm Danish and live in Peckham, London.



You can find my various thoughts on my blog here, as well as published pieces, predominantly through www.the-buyer.net, for whom I am a regular contributor.

I only write about wines that I myself would choose to drink and that interest me. I have a particular interest in the on-trade and the study of wine lists. I also have a focus on minimal intervention wines and skin contact wines.

I do not score. I also do not write negative articles. If I don't like a wine, I just won't write about it.


I have worked for Westbury Communications with MD Sue Harris since 2014. We represent wine companies and regions around the world, generating creative campaigns to help them to succeed in the UK market.

This ranges from work with tiny artisan winemakers to global brands. Every campaign is tailored - work can vary from helping producers to enter the market, to generating national and trade coverage, to organising tastings, to launching new wine companies.



You can reach out to me if you need help with creating a wine list, or wine-related content.


All photographs on this website are taken by me, unless stated otherwise. I use an Olympus EP5.